Covid-19 Support


Soul Support in Covid-19


The entire world is in a shared story of healthcare right now. While millions stay at home to flatten the Covid-19 curve, millions of healthcare practitioners and support staff risk their lives daily at the front lines. For these heroes, this website exists. For everyone who is supporting these heroes by staying at home and for everyone who is supporting those who are staying at home by providing essential services, this website exists. For everyone who has Covid-19, this website exists. 

What this site provides:

Under the menu item “Soul Support for Covid-19” you will find poetry, meditations, lamentations, Expressive Writing prompts, and art with meditative questions. All of these are delivered weekly (some even daily) with the goal of adding some beauty and reflection to visitors’ lives. You don’t have to do anything. If you wish to write, do so without any pressure for perfection or “getting it right.” You may wish to submit it through the contact page. You are also completely encouraged to just find what solace writing offers. The only purpose of this page is to balance the harsh realities with beauty.

We can’t provide much needed PPE or ventilators. We can’t go back in time and follow the pandemic playbook or reopen the pandemic clinics that were closed around the world. 

We can offer poems. We can offer beautiful music and works of art and writing exercises that in brief moments of calm might offer some peace, some healing of the spirit.

“Words from the Field” is a page featuring your words–nurses, surgeons, support staff, physicians, chaplains, social workers, helpers of all natures. Send stories, poems, reflections, and notes through the contact page.

This website is composed by surgeons, social workers, journaling facilitators, poets, pastors, nurses, physicians, and physician assistants, and even a puppeteer.

We represent the billions of people on this planet who are thanking you every day and praying for your well-being in a tragically broken world. 

Narrative Healthcare is the meeting place where Narrative Medicine, Poetic Medicine, Expressive Writing, and Arts-in-Medicine convene to deepen the long-standing relationship between medicine and story.

Turn to this site when you need to see some beauty. Turn to this when you have a moment to process a feeling in writing. If you can gather a small group in Zoom to read or write or consider art together, use this site as a convening place. Share with each other. You can send a short work to us through the Contact page. You can keep your work to yourself. 

Art and beauty can stand up to brutality and horror.

May this site help you thrive and survive.