If water is a universal symbol of life, protection, purification, and transformation, then the well is a universal gathering place: to slake thirst, to rinse off the dust of a journey or a day’s labor, a place to connect with others.

Even in “regular life,” the pace of life and the demands we respond to keep us from slowing down, catching our breaths. We feel individually and communally depleted. It feels like there is more story than time. And now, we are experiencing the added grief, hypervigilance, and pressures of the pandemic.

A well is a place to connect with a universal source of life. It is a social hub, from ancient times, the world’s first “water cooler,” where humans exchange news, gossip, and deep wisdom.

Refilling the Well serves as a resource for gatherings online. We will post links to live, online offerings, where we can gather at the “virtual well,” to find clarity, solace, and discover our own and one another’s wisdom.

Come gather at the well of story, ground ourselves physically and emotionally and be present to one another. Bring your thirst, your dust from the road, your friends, your words, your vessels, and refill with us.