Mindfulness for Parents of Small Ones

Practicing Mindfulness at Home


The work of parenting is relentless.

Most all nursing parents whether their little ones are nursing 7 times a day or 14 describe their nursing frequency as “constant”.


“The baby is on me all day long, and all night too.”


Babies needs are very high and during this time when we are limited to staying at home and staying at a safe distance the neediness of our babies can feel even more impossible to satisfy.  It can make us doubt our ability to do a “good enough” job as a parent, let alone the “great” job that we may have planned to do when we were wearing the rosey glasses of pregnancy.


One simple tool that helps is a mindfulness practice.


Today, if you notice a time when the baby is still and quiet, they may even be on your body, see if you can close your eyes and become aware of your breathing. Notice your breath going in through your nostrils until it fills your lungs and then let it out fully and easily. Follow your breath again, in and out.  Notice the weight of your body where it is and notice your breath again, in and out.  Follow your breath for even one minute today.  It will help you in your mind and spirit to live this life with acceptance.

Today, you are enough.